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“Couldn’t find any real Synedrex review…”

… said Lisa Newman in her mail to me.

Warning: This is my personal review of Synedrex, it might be brutally honest. Your own feedback and questions welcome in the comments section below.

Aloha! 🙂

My name is Betty Wright, I am a 39 year old mother of 2 kids living in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

My tryst with Synedrex pills began back in 2012.

I had horrible side effects using Synedrex pills, (and apparently many others have too as you will soon see in their reviews below).

The ONLY GOOD THING that happened due to these pills is I realized the futility and stupidity of such solutions that claim to work in isolation .

Meaning, here’s an example of isolation…

“Take 1 Synedrex pill daily and do anything you want, you will lose weight automatically!”

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    • I took the old formula of synedrex and lost a ton of weight. Yea you have to go and work out as well. I noticed some side effects but I guess I differ from the blogger. If they would have kept the old formula, I would’ve recommended it. I just wish the old formula was still available.

    • I have experienced just about all side effects. While I have lost 8 lbs I’ve been sick a lot and I’m almost never sick. My heart pounds like crazy even pulsates hard in my neck. I’ve vomited. I’ve had diarrhea. I also am bipolar and it took over my mood stabilizer completely. I workout all the time and since taking them I have done anything. One thing is I don’t even need this stuff. I’m fit but wanted more energy. I’m still feeling jittery and anxiety and stomach issues. I don’t not recommend this product for anyone.

    • Ummm, I don’t think Synedrex should affect the action of your other pills Kelly, but why not ask you gynecologist for a confirmation…

  1. Is there anything in the world that guarantees weight loss without changing diet and exercise? None! Your entire article is top notch… There is really no magic pill..if there was… we would already have it. People who take supplements for magic effects are wasting their money.

  2. I bought the synedrex and took 1 pill and i’ve never seen anything like it . I felt like i was going crazy. I took 1 Friday at 11am and it is Monday 7am and i still feel it . I have had a dull headache ,i feel off balance,i dont feel like my mind is clear, its crazy. I have never posted on anything, but i wouldnt recomend this to anyone .

  3. Thanks for this! I’ve only taken 3 of these pills but wow, I haven’t slept much over those days and I even skipped a day in there. Like you the only good coming from me wasting $35 is the new resolution of not popping pills in the search for an energy buzz and appetite suppressant. I’m not sure what the next little while will bring as I get off caffeine but I know it will be worth it and my adrenal glands will thank me. 🙂

  4. I took it and within 30 min. I felt like my face was on fire…then that sensation spread to my arms then my stomach. When I looked in the mirror after I felt my lips tingling I seen I started breaking out in hives. I immediately took two Benadryl and waiting for the adverse reaction. I still had tingling sensation in face all day but hives went away until later on that night. I broke out again, so took two more Benadryl. Next day, my cheeks were still puffy but that will be the first and LAST time I take this pill.

  5. I think it depends on the person Ive taken synedrex on and off for probably two months and I’ve seen results when you it comes to caffeine overload you have to do things to burn it off some form of cardio I’m not knocking or bashing your study because it’s is a lot of true to it but I think all there are case by case basis

    • That’s true Corey, results will be on a case by case basis, but really, when it comes down to long term results, these pills are not going to help much…

  6. I take Synedrex. I take 2 pills a day (am & pm). Yes, I do have the side affects as mentioned above, lots of energy in the morning and irritable in the afternoon, but its tolerable. I have lost weight and have been able to maintain the weight loss. However, I have changed my diet. I use Synedrex for 30-45 days, then I take a break for a couple of weeks, then start again. I would not recommend this pill to someone with a low tolerance of caffeine or anyone who has anxiety or depression.

  7. I took one yesterday (Tuesday) at 10:30 AM and was throwing up and hour later, had chills all day and I still haven’t slept it’s Wednesday at 8:15 PM. These are the worst days I’ve ever had. I’m still jittery and on top of that, the red dye is leaving my body from my arm pits. I can’t believe this is happening.

  8. First of all the “your body is not a machine so you can’t program it the way you want” argument makes no sense at all. And yes, chemicals can affect your body. Why do you think people who use stimulants (cocaine, meth, etc) are so skinny? It’s because stimulants suppress your appetite and speed up your metabolism. That’s what synedrex does and it does it so hard that it should probably be illegal. But it’s not- and that’s probably due to the fact that no one would wanna get “high” off it, because it makes you feel like shit. Anyways, back to my point. Yes there are things that you can take to lose weight, and synedrex is one of them (probably not the healthiest or safest option). Oh and good luck eating 5 big meals on it. You’ll be lucky to eat at all. That’s why it’s called an appetite suppressant.
    To sum things up, appetite suppressants/metabolism enhancers by definition make you lose weight. Synedrex falls under that definition, but yes it makes you feel like shit and meth is probably a safer option. But it’s legal and readily available. Now that you read an “honest” review by someone who obviously isn’t trying to bash a product, you can make an informed decision.

    • I so agree with you bro i like your review the best and thanks for this blog cause i learned alot about things i didnt know about some of the ingredients in pills and stuff thank you

  9. I actually came across your page when I was looking for a place to buy this product. It sounds as if I might be the only one, or one of very few, who actually has had positive results with this product. A friend of mine gave me a sample, and it works great for me!

    I am 38, a single mom, who works full-time and I keep to a very healthy diet staying around 1200 cal a day, being vigilant of the protein, carbs and fats I consume and I do cardio about five times per week, usually active on the weekends hiking – height 5’7″, wait anywhere between 140 and 145-ish. I eat right, exercise, and the only reason I tried this product, was not to lose weight, but rather keep my energy level up for the long hours I put in at work Mon-Fir.

    I only take one pill per day, in the morning and feel it helps sustain my energy all day. My appetite is the same, I haven’t had any of the side effects listed in any of these reviews and have no trouble sleeping at all. Believe me, I am not writing on behalf of the company, nor do I even know anything about them. I just know that for me, this product works out any negative side effects. I think it all comes down to the end-user, and whether or not you are abusing the product and/or, were ever a good candidate for in the first place. That being said, for whatever it’s worth, I love this product!

    I hope that the people that maybe abusing it by consuming more than the recommended dose, and/or not incorporating it in a healthy lifestyle overall and/or who were not a good candidate for it in the first place, do not have any impact on whether or not it is banned from being sold to other consumers within the US as so many other products have been in the past. There are many things on the market sold over the counter, that when abused, are you shouldn’t be taking in the first place due to pre-existing health conditions, and or lifestyle, can cause very harmful side effects as everyone knows!

    Just be vigilant of what you are consuming, eat right, exercise regularly and live an overall healthy lifestyle!

    Thanks and good luck to all trying to find the right combination for you personally!

    Southern California

  10. I wanna lose some weight and i have buy syndrex and didn’t use it until i check on it , i dont have problems with caffeine and those stuff but would i get fat after i take those pills ?

  11. Betty,
    I took a whole bottle of synedrex and it actually saw results, I did not however experience any of the side effects, whenever I would tell my friends I didn’t have side effects they thought I was crazy because some of them did experience them, I don’t know why I didn’t have any side effects I guess it just depends on the person. I lost weight not only by taking synedrex, because we all know you can’t do one right thing and expect to lose weight, I also went on a diet and exercises 3 days weekly. But should I worry I didn’t experience side effects?

  12. Hello, I read your review on synedrex and was wondering if you also exercised regularly and kept a proper diet while using it. I do agree with you on some of the side effects of synedrex but no matter what you take or do to lose weight there will always be some form of a side effect to it. I have been using it for about 5 weeks now and have notice great changes in my weight and energy levels but I also take it with a multivitamin,and fish oil In the morning. I also keep a strict routine of working out 3 days a week and doing a 4 mile run every other day. I also use six star explosion as a pre workout and refuel extreme as a post work out. since taking synedrex or adding it to my supplements I use every day I have in fact been losing more weight and keeping more energy. I noticed you never mentioned that you did any kind of exercise while taking it so there may be your problem . There will never be a magic pill or shake that will make you lose weight sitting on your butt even with supplements or even steroids you have to work out and keep a good eating habbit. There will never be a lazy way to become fit, you have to work for it. Also for every one who says they don’t have the time or means to work out, your all full of craps I’m a father of two awesome kids a husband to a lovely wife and I work a full time job. I still did 2 hrs out of my days to get a proper work out and it’s not always in the gym you can work out from home ppl just stop being lazy and making excuses and get up and do something about it. One last thing supplements will help you in your journey to being fit and I would recommend synedrex to any one out there healthy enough to work out. Sorry for the long comment. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

  13. I took 1 pill of Synedrex yesterday at 1:30 pm and 30 minutes later I felt hot all over. My co-worker checked my blood pressure and it was 142/90. My pulse was 90. Not normal numbers for me. I had tremors and I couldnt really focus. I did have alot of energy and loss of appetite. But I became very thirsty. I moved around alot and didnt fall asleep until 12:45 am the next morning. My experience was scary, but now knowing what to expect I would do it again.

  14. Oh my! I have taken many different supplements even prescription including phentremine and this is a hundred times stronger. I became dizzy unable to breathe normally my heart was beating so fast it didn’t feel like it was beating at all!! I was sweaty then hot and all my extremities were cold clammy and I felt very panicky. I’m a nurse and I was looking for a boost but the amounts of caffeine in these caps are at OD levels. Look it up… Very dangerous. The only thing you can do is go to the ER or try to pass the caffeine quickly through laxatives if it’s made it to your gastrointestinal tract. Not fun and leaves you feeling pretty bad. I would not recommend these to anyone.. No amount of energy or diet supplement is

  15. I recently started taking these pills and now I’m going to stop. I started on a Monday and I was doing fine then on Friday I started feeling very faint, dizzy, sweaty, nauseous, all of the symptoms that EVEN the label on the bottle tell you can happen. Happened to me. As soon as you feel any symptom you’re supposed to stop right away and contact a health specialist. I didn’t think it was the pills at first because I didn’t feel them at the beginning so on the last day I stopped and called my health specialist and now I have to take so many medications just to get my body back to normal. I gave a very healthy immune system. Only took these to loose 15 pounds and I am 21 years old. So the fact that this took a whole complete toll on my body is why I stopped.

  16. I am glad I found you. A friend gave me 2 of them and said she is going to order what she can because GNC is taking them off the shelf. I threw them down the toilet. She said they are so strong only take 1/2 the capsule. Thanks for sharing, I watch what I eat.. no need for pills..

  17. I’ve been taking Synedrex, eating healthy, working out, and it really has helped me lose about 20 lbs. Yet yesterday, before even beginning my workout routine, my heart rate spiked from a resting rate of 60bpm to 205bpm in about 30 seconds.

    It lasted for about 30 minutes, before it slowed back to 60bpm. It got me very scared and I looked for information about it, and I found this blog. Just wanted to share my experience.

  18. I started taking synedrex about 3 weeks ago, the first day I had no appetite just tons of energy. The second day I was nauseated all day but I didn’t really care because I’m always exhausted from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. I also had a constant hunger feeling that entire week after my first day. After 7 days I couldn’t take the nausea anymore so I quit taking them. I was constantly nauseated for an entire week without the pills, I read that it could be a symptom of dehydration so I had a powerade after the 7 days the nausea subsided I decided to give it one more shot. The first day was great tons of energy but kinda scary because of the rapid heart rate the next day I took another pill still no nausea but i had a constant runny nose for about 2 hours and a headache the rest of the day. What finally got me to quit was no matter how much water i drank i felt like i had a clog in my throat and that lasted all day . I’m pretty sure it was an allergic reaction so I will not be using the pills i flushed them down the toilet. Also I was too scared to exercise because I always had a rapid heart rate on the pills. I lost a pound every time I’d take a pill.

  19. I used Synadrex while working out hard and consistently… honestly, I lost 27 lbs in 45 days. Granted, I did eat pretty well, if not great, and I did work out 2 hours a day without missing a day.

    Then, I tried them again this December (2014) to try to avoid going back to the gym. I lost about 7 pounds without working out. Now, technically I ate better than I had before restarting synadrex, but it was mostly due to the appetite suppression they provide.

    Looks like my results are different from a lot of people, but something in my body reacts really well to the formula.


  20. I have taken Syndrex for 45 days @ 1 pill a day.
    1) Side effects are real… Heart rate is up every day I take it.
    2) The pill DOES work for me, I was 236lbs 6 weeks ago, I am down to 213. It works for a number or reasons, but mainly the appetite suppressant.
    3) I do not recommenced this product, even though it works, I can tell you first hand the cost on your body is high. I personally was able to deal with the effects, but cant see many people out there tolerating them.

  21. I have been taking this pills for about 2 weeks. I already lost like 15 pounds. I hear about other people’s side effects.However; i am not experiencing any of the side effEcts. I have had tons of energy plus they keep me awake long hours which benefit me because i work long hours. The way i take this pills is; i wake up take the pill with glass and a half of water and then i eat like right away. I am not sure is anyone else does the same thing.

  22. I had heard about this Synedrex pill many times.

    A few of my mothers friends have been using them before they went off the market and are using them again now that they’re back and talk so highly of them and I have no clue why!

    My mom knows I’ve been having weight issues, at 22 and frequently have depression and anxiety attacks and joint problems being 40lbs over weight has really not been helping, so my mom tried to offer me some help, ‘pre-warning’ me that they can cause jitteriness till your body is used to them I figure I’d give it a try anyway maybe it wouldn’t be that bad and she got a few from her friend.

    I took my first at 12:30 in the afternoon June 29th 2015. By 1/1:30 I was already feeling horrible heat flashes to cold flashes to dizziness and spinning like being drunk and jittery to a sickening point.

    I ate something got myself complied and went to the gym in hopes of working some of it off I herd it was a good way to get past the jittery feeling.

    While I was biking I didn’t feel too bad but the moment I was done working out it was like BAM everything was back I went home and by 3 in the afternoon I was puking..and I mean bad to the point i ran out of stuff to puke up except the biles of my stomach which began to get painful I couldn’t keep water or food or anything for that matter down.

    I felt so nauseous/dizzy and just all around horrible. (If anyone has ever suffered an extreme vertigo spell, I suffered one a few years back ended me in the hospital for a few days, I can tell you it feels just like that I almost went to the ER).

    Finally after not eating all day I was able to get soda delivered to my house by my dad around 8pm(yes I suffered ALL DAY) since I could no longer drive at this point flattened it down and forced my self to eat bread.

    After doing this a few times and still puking it up it finally help around 9:30 I was keeping food and liquid down but still feel sick dizzy and get the hot and cold/clamy sweats.

    It’s now 12 plus hours since I took this STUPID pill and I can’t sleep still feel nauseous still get flashes and although I haven’t puked my stomach feels so knotting and cramped like I was hit in the lower back and stomach with a bat from puking all day.

    And now as I’m slowly feeling better ever so slightly I have this dull headache hat has made it way and all I wish to do is SLEEP! And I can’t.

    This has been the worse experience I’ve had with any diet pill or related weight loss things I will never put another one of these pills in my mouth. All this on the first day. If I’m not better by tomorrow ER here I come.

    The person or people responsible for creating this pill should be locked up.

    Girl that’s crying to go to sleep
    Thank you for your honest review I wish I would have seen it in time! 🙁

  23. I’d have to say this is a fairly accurate review as far as pertaining to the supplement facts. Like stated, we are not machines. With that said, everyone reacts differently to products. I am on my third bottle of synadrex since 2012 and I’d like to share my experience with everyone.

    When I started using synadrex, it had supplements like DMAA and niacin in it also on top of a lot of the other things you listed. I found that it gave me that endless supply of energy throughout the day and I was a highly productive person because of it. At the end of the 90 day cycle I had dropped from 230lbs. to 210lbs. I worked out and ate healthy daily. I never had any sleeping issues as long as I took the pill at 5am when I woke up. I found it didnt make me sick or anything if I ate a small breakfast, like a banana and yogurt after I took it. With all that said, here are the negatives I found during this cycle.
    1. My resting blood pressure was actually nearly so low my doctor was almost concerned.
    2. I found that when I was sitting for a long period of time and stood up, I had that “rush of blood to the head” feeling, got dizzy, and on two occasions I actually fainted.
    3. I feared not passing drug tests due to the DMAA.
    4. I definitely felt nervous/ anxious to the point where I’d get tunnel vision.

    All things considered, I made adjustments in my life and adapted to the side effects.

    Bring on round 2 of a 90 day cycle of synadrex.
    Once again, this was also the old formula with the DMAA and niacin.
    I started taking the bottle after a month of being off the 1st one. I experienced all the same side effects of the 1st time around except this time I had a new side effect.

    5. I would break out all over my body in these bright red heat rashes that were ultra sensitive and itchy. My peers thought there was something wrong with me and that maybe I had chilblain (since it was winter time).

    Of all the side effects I found this one to be the worst because there was nothing I could do to prevent it, it was very unattractive, and it was super irritating.

    I continued using this bottle for about 2 more weeks before I decided it was too annoying to handle and stopped. I had minor results but nothing terribly noticeable.

    A year later bring on round 3. Metabolic nutrition now changed their formula for synadrex adding a metric ton of caffeine and taking away the DMAA. This I believe is the formula you wrote about.

    My lifestyle during this cycle has been nothing short of stressful and a roller coaster. Paired with some bad eating habits time to time, lack of exercise regularly, and life stress, the conditions for the success of taking a supplement like this are either perfect, or not. It would be perfect in the aspect of now I’m living the style of life your average american looking to take a weight loss product like synadrex would be living. Not so perfect as that I am not really following the guidelines everyone knows to make a weight loss product seem successful, good diet and exercise, you would have to do. So here are my findings.

    1. After taking the pill on an empty stomach in the morning there is about a 20 minute period I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to vomit. I had some nasty burps. The pill definitely wanted to come back up.
    2. If took the pill at 5am, and went to run are do some sort of intense exercise at 630am, somewhere in there I would actually vomit or feel like vomiting.
    3. I would feel 10x more exhausted during a workout rather then if I didnt take the pill.
    4. my heart would be pounding while I was sitting down.
    5. The worst part was that around 2-3pm, I would just crash. A nap seemed absolutely necessary to get through the rest of the day. By the time I would get home from work, I would feel way to tired to go to the gym. It required me to buy a pre-workout supplement that i determined I didnt want to use at 6-7pm just to get through an hour long workout and then be awake until 11 or 12 at night. Given my schedule waking up at 4-5am daily, falling asleep at 12am wasn’t in my best interest.
    6. My stools were GREEN! Just pure green. My gut never felt good.

    My experiences with synadrex were basically this, it has some brutal side effects. If you can adjust to them and find ways to mitigate them, the product isn’t so bad. I felt like the new formula (current one) didn’t work as well, but made far less severe side effects. Your probably better off drinking coffee depending how well you cope with suffering. I’m more then sure the long term effects of this product are detrimental to ones health. Like everything in this world, I’m sure it will eventually lead to cancer.
    My opinion is this, nothing beats a good ole diet and exercise program. Coffee is proven. stick to that. Its better to drink a few cups throughout the day then to take a metric ton through a pill immediately upon waking up and then crashing at the end. If you do decide to take synadrex, drink lots of water.


  24. Sorry I have been taking them for few weeks and I have nothing bad to say, yes I was jittery the first day for a few minutes but If you drink water with them and eat something with protein you will be fine and drink lots of water. Other then that I have not had any of thoughts problems this person is saying. Yes you do have to work out with them no pull is going to get rid of your Fat or make you lose weight that’s the lazy way that’s why your fat in the first place. Get up and go work out for an hour a day or so. It’s not that hard. It does not say take this pill you will lose weight with out working out. You lose your water weight with this stuff. And gives you the energy to get up and run or lift weights. If lost 6 pounds in water weight and 15 pounds in fat so it does work to a point. It helps you. Doesn’t do it for you.

  25. Bodybuilder in the Making Reply

    My trainer recommended I take these pills for weight loss, as I am training for a bodybuilding figure competition. He told me to take only half a capsule for three days then go off for three days (repeat cycle). I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks for the reviews!!

  26. I got this pill from friend of mine.. He gave me 2 just to try and see if it works for me. I took it 8am and had quarter bowl of cereal and 1/3of banana… 40 min later I felt the pill working. Started to get anxious.. Felt like I wanted to vomit. Was driving my little one to school I had a moment where I just wanted to crash! OMG! Then I started to vomit like there’s no tomorrow… And I had experienced couple blackout… All this in less than 3 hours of me taking the pill. My heart is pumping so fast I am having hard time breathing. Not to mention unable to keep myself up. Currently laying in bed.

  27. This terrible and scary.
    All the ingredients in this product are not listed with their amounts. One of the ingredients in Synedrex is methylpentane citrate also know as “AMP Citrate, just google the name and you’ll see why you’re feeling the way you do. These all sound like issues you should be reporting to the FDA. This way they and you are aware of what is going on with this product. Here is some helpful info. Call FDA’s 24-hour emergency line at either 866-300-4374 or 301-796-8240. You can go to their website Don’t just

  28. I’ve been on these for a week and haven’t seen any weight loss. Those of you that have lost the weight, how long until you saw the results?

  29. This is my second go-round using synadrex (first time I used it for 60 days) and can say that the side effects are accurate. I experienced the slight dull headaches, some nausea (no vomiting) and normal caffeine jitteriness. However, coupled with my normal workout routine (weights 4-5x per week and run 20-30 miles per) I saw expedited results in my body fat and some weight loss. I was trying to lose a few pounds very fast and synadrex worked. I agree there is no magic pill and to think taking a pill will do it all is a recipe for disaster. The pill curbed my appetite and gave me the additional energy needed to power through workouts. It help me sculp much better muscle definition and if used as an aid it can be helpful. I have not been on the new formula long enough to say whether it’s good or not. I will advise anyone looking to thermo or diet pills to also be more active and develop a proper diet and workout plan. These pills are simply aids and do have side effects but they will help you. Everyone’s body is different so you should consult your physician prior to starting any supplements.

  30. Awful pill. I have taken many diet pills including the RX appetite suppressant Phentermine and never had such adverse side affects and I have quite a caffeine tolerance. I felt nausea, jitters, sweats, chills and threw up and couldn’t settle down all day and night. I had to drink a beer, chamomile tea and phenibut to try to calm down as I felt heart palpitations and increased blood pressure and I didn’t even exercise! I didn’t have an appetite because I was so nauseous. If that is how they decrease it then it is not worth it. Don’t waste your money or risk your health!

  31. Scary product. My trainer gave me one to try and warned me that it was strong. When it hit, I swear I could’ve run 2 marathons back to back if it weren’t for my skin crawling and heart pounding so hard. I kept thinking, “this must be what meth feels like”!! Horrible jitters, and for hours I had severe nausea. The only reason I didn’t vomit was because I didn’t eat anything and stayed very still while taking deep breaths when the urge would hit me. No sleep last night, despite bedtime being 12 hours after I took the ONE pill. Now, the next day, I’m still jittery. I can’t believe this chit is legal.

  32. BEWARE!!!


    In addition to all of the listed concerns (i.e. jitters, nausea, chills, heart palpitations etc.) I experienced extremely dangerous symptoms of mental fogginess, paranoia, and much more. I had to be rushed to the ER…. after x-rays, iv fluids, ekg, etc. i was finally released several hours later.

    Again–BE careful what you take, and in my personal opinion STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!